Sunday, April 6, 2014

Neither Rain, Neither Glow

You must realize
That my grey sky eyes
Neither rain, neither glow
Now you know
carbon leaf

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My grandmother (my mother's mother) has always humorously resented the hardy state of Oklahoma. She has fondly nicknamed it the state of the Three S's--the dreaded S's--Snakes, Spiders, and Scorpions. But even my grandmother can't deny that Oklahoma has it's perks. Like spring for instance. Spring, according to my grandmother, is God's consolation gift to insure that everyone doesn't  move out of Oklahoma.

The weather here likes to be bipolar. The winds here prefer to be frequent and horrendously fast, dry and dusty and more often than not aspire into tornadoes. Sometimes the skies decide to not rain for a while and the earth becomes cracked and dried--the grass turns brown and dead. And yes, spiders, snakes, and scorpions are abundant here.

But in the spring, the Oklahoma countryside is divine.

In springtime, the green fields of wheat against the grey skies create a beautiful contrast that I have heard and I imagine are somewhat reminiscent of the Scottish countryside. And the purple fields of common hen bit coordinate beautifully with the rich green of the wheat fields as do the blossoming redbuds and crepe myrtle. Admittedly, the earth here is uninterestingly flat, but the flat lands make for spacious blue skies, seemingly endless horizons, and truly awe-inspiring sunsets.

Today as my family and I congregated around my brother's grave, while the chilly wind blew and the grey skies politely withheld their rain, I decided this is the perfect home for me. Here, where the green fields meet the grey skies and the skies neither rain, neither glow, where the flat lands roll along for miles before your eyes and the dark line of trees on the horizon disappears into a misty haze.

Here peace still exists. Here a soul can be alone and yet here, loneliness seems to be so far and futile.

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  1. Love, love that song.

    And I love this state. As much as I sometimes complain about its quirks and shortcomings, I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


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