Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bonus Post: Thankfuls

Because it’s the little things in life that teach us to be thankful...

This post is chiefly inspired from SW at a free mind and Samantha at Heavenly Aspirations. Thank you both for being real and for aspiring to a greater love for Jesus and a deeper appreciation for all of His good gifts.

tea in the morning (PG Tips, please) 
playing Bach’s Prelude in C on the piano
snowfall (spring one day, winter the next!)
fog of warm breath in the chilly winter air
infinity scarves and red burees
my old red coat (that never grows old :P)
candlelight in the window and the scent of candles
wally-ball with fun friends
sore muscles in the morning (heh)
little voices singing “This is The Day” Sunday morning
telling Bible stories to children
the insightful truths the little ones speak
assurance and love, the bread and the cup
faces of people I love
deep conversations with good friends
Banjo’s smiling face (because it’s the happiest)
Psalm sings and Bible Study Sunday evening
the warmth of firelight burning in the hearth


  1. It's so important to be thankful! And I love everything you mentioned, tea is the best ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. Thank you, Amy!

      I might be slightly addicted to tea. ;)

  2. This is such a cute and inspiring post, I think I actually might do something similar c;

    Also, hey I'm a new reader ^^

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Amy,welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by! I'm hoping to do more "bonus" posts like this in the future. It was really refreshing to take some time to just sit and think of several things I was thankful for. :)

  3. I love how light & happy this is. And red coats are happiness themselves. ^.^

    1. Thank you, Carmel! My red coat is the product of several generations worth of hand-me-downs but I wear it pretty much every day (when it's cold). :)

      a vapor in the wind

  4. What a happy post and dear list. :) (And PG Tips. ♥)



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