Thursday, March 12, 2015

Favorite Things

>>dried bouquets
>>sunshine, blue skies, and balmy breezes
>>my tea pot
>>Earl Grey tea (I like pretty much all kinds)
>>coffee midmorning (I like coffee too)
>>The Secret Key to Heaven by Thomas Brookes
>>asparagus spring pizza (GF crust)
>>watching Leverage with Ruth
>>my piano accordion (Danny Boy)
>>my penny whistle
>>a lively set of jigs
>>coffee shops (no Starbucks, please)
>>brownies. always.
>>everything Mat Kearney music
>>spinning class at the Y (it’s like death only fun and not lethal)
>>my journal, such a faithful friend
>>essential oils. Valor.
>>hiking in the woods with Greg
>>letters from friends
>>writing and mailing letters
>>late night jam sessions
>>when I get sleep at night
>>foggy morning mist

Photo by Hannah S. 


  1. dried bouquets - yes! I have a few...
    sunshine, blue skies, and balmy breezes - who can't love these?
    Earl Grey tea - one of my all-time favorites. It's like a comfort go-to tea for me. Do you make London Fogs too?
    Leverage was filmed in my hometown:) Pretty darn cool, huh? One of my all-time favorite shows
    coffee shops (no Starbucks, please) - amen
    brownies. always. - alwayssss
    everything Mat Kearney music - love his song Count On Me and Undeniable. He's from my hometown. I saw him in concert when he opened for Owl City. He even ran through the crowd and gave me a hug haha
    essential oils. Valor. - you do Young Living too? Go girl!
    writing and mailing letters - best
    late night jam sessions - always
    when I get sleep at night - haha yeah that's always nice, isn't it?

    1. It's good to see you on here, Raquel! It sounds like you live in the coolest place ever (can I live there too?) And I am so jealous that you got to see Mat Kearney live AND he gave you a hug!?!?

      I've never made a London Fog before, but I've several at our local coffee house. They are pretty amazing, probably the most comforting and relaxing drink ever. :)

      I LOVE essential oils. I'm not a member of Young Living, but my mother and sister are both members so I purchase oils through them. Hopefully, I will have my own membership by the end of the year.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Hi Dani!

    Just saw your blog after seeing a comment while passing by Raquel's blog again (which I first saw near the beginning of my long, random, winding journey through the blogosphere of cool Christian gals, many home schooled). It's rare to feel "drawn in" before reading anything... But I just skimmed over the newest couple pages of posts, and was going to leave before coming back another time to maybe leave a comment on your About page.

    Then I noticed Leverage mentioned on this post!! :-) Was one of my faves, too. (Although I still haven't watched the last 4-5 episodes, LOL.) Hardison was the funniest to me, since I'm kinda like the white version of that, haha. :-P

    Really loved the first couple seasons, but think the second half [of the series] started falling apart. Not wowed or impressed by the cons, not as much heart, nor the humor and laugh-out-loud moments (mostly from Hardison) like when it was fresh, but kept watching anyway. :^) Or maybe it was just me...?

    God bless!

  3. Love the sunshine, sunrises, Mat Kearney music, and brownies! :) You have an awesome blog!

    ~Racic | Washed by the Water

    1. Thank you so much, Racic! It's good to see you on here. :)


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