Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Wardrobe: Dress For Adventure

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This outfit is inspired in part by Amy Pond from the Doctor Who TV series. I also like to call it my Rose Briar-to-the-rescue outfit. 

I came across this skirt in a thrift store a couple weekends ago and I believe it cost me $3. I love the lace detail on the skirt. It’s subtle, pretty, but not too overtly frilly.

The shirt I acquired at Belk on clearance and I have no idea how much it cost since I think it is going-on-four-years ago when I bought it. 

This shirt encompasses my love for floral patterns and denim.

Large imitation pearl studs from Icing. 

The boots are borrowed from my sister, Ruth, and are from Vanity. I am not very brave when it comes to mixing patterns (i.e. floral with stripes) but I love the subtle chevron detail on the boots.

The rings are gifts. The Claddagh is a gift from a dear friend and the amber ring is a gift from my sister.

A massive thank-you goes to my sister and photographer, Anna, who spent the afternoon traipsing around downtown with me to take these photos. She's a pretty remarkable photographer and I couldn't really do this without her.

I would love to hear any and all comments, opinions, constructive criticism, etc. that you all might have for this outfit and the photos, so feel free to leave a comment below or email me at  


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Dani! I love your top too - super cute. I love those types of posts :).Ooh, that ring? It reminds me of Amelia Pond's ring =)

    Ooh, speaking of which, so have you seen some Doctor Who? I just got into it over the Christmas (big surprise for me!), and binge watched the whole show - I have to say I love it quite a lot :). (It has its crazy, stupid moments, but on the whole it's such a tear-jerking magical show!).

    It would be fun if you did a Clara Oswald outfit sometime, as I think you look a LOT like Jenna Louise Coleman :). (even your hair-style is a plus! ;).

    1. Aw, thanks so much Joy! I have watched Doctor Who for many years now, but I haven't kept up with the latest seasons. I'll have to catch up one of these days.

      I will definitely do a Clara Oswald inspired post sometime soon, especially if I start watching the show again. It's funny how the things you watch, read, listen to influence your style! :D

      Thanks again, Joy!

  2. I adore that top! And I just happen to have a dress that purple lace over a black fabric, and I love it. I always pair it with a denim jacket. I have never been bold enough to mix patterns like you have here. I always admire when I see it though, and it looks great on you. I tend to think that young women can get away with anything, but I have also seen women in their later years with very bold mismatched outfits that look fantastic.
    I especially love the last shot!

    1. Andrea, that's awesome! Lace and denim seem to go so perfectly together. When I'm an elderly woman, I definitely still want to be fashionably adventurous. :D Thanks so much!

  3. Fun outfit Dani! I really like your top. :D The background is really good; I like brick walls for outfit shoots (though I think I've only used one once...).

    1. Thank you, Paige! My sister helped me pick out the background and location. She has a good eye! We also had great lighting outside this day, which was a plus.

  4. Dear Dani:
    Love the look! Your outfit is a mix of charm and comfort! Great combination and so glad you shared!


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