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Which Character from The Flash Are You Based on Myers-Briggs 16 Personalities?

I recently caught up on Season 2 of DC ComicsThe Flash and a Myers-Briggs evaluation of all the characters has been inevitably in the works for some time now. With all character evaluations, this is all pure conjecture and there is nothing really scientific about this whatsoever. But it’s still good fun. If you don't know your Myers-Briggs personality type, you can find out on So, which character of The Flash are you based on my assessment? Are there any characters you would have typed differently and why? Let me know in the comments below!

Barry is the brilliant if not chronically tardy crime scene investigator for the Central City Police Department. Ever since his father was sentenced to life in prison for being wrongfully convicted of his wife's murder, Barry has been obsessively searching for answers that will free his father and give him peace about his past. When Barry is struck by lightning in the middle of a storm generated by a Particle Accelerator explosion in Star Labs of Central City, he slips into a coma for nine months and wakes up to discover he has inherited incredible speed. His powers might just be the ticket to protecting Central City from meta-humans and giving Barry the answers he's been looking for all his life.

Dr. Harrison Wells is the founder of Star Labs, the creator of the Particle Accelerator, and the inadvertent creator of the Flash and every other evil or not-so-evil meta-human that roams the streets of Central City. When Barry awakes from his coma, Dr. Wells assists him in harnessing and honing his powers to become the fastest and most skilled speedster he possibly can be. He is perhaps the most intelligent human being on this earth and maybe all the alternate earths, rivaled only by his alternate-universe doppelgangers. Wells can be a conceited know-it-all at times and sometimes we wonder if he has any emotions whatsoever, but ultimately we know this Harrison Wells is on the right side, even if those other Wells, Thawnes, Reverse Flashes or whatever were evil. Wells maintains a cool exterior almost always. He keeps his emotions and feelings to himself, not because he doesn't have any, but simply because he does not want to show weakness. We all know that deep down inside, he is really just a big softy. 

When the Particle Accelerator exploded, Star Labs went down with it along with the reputations of Dr. Wells and his colleague Dr. Caitlin Snow. In spite of her disappointment, Dr. Snow continues to work for Dr. Wells and assists him in saving Barry Allen's life, preserving him while he is in a coma, and helping him understand his powers once he wakes up. Caitlin can come off as a bit cold at first, but there is no doubt that she cares very deeply for the safety and well-being of her friends and all of Central City. Instead of talking about her feelings, Caitlin prefers to demonstrate her love by finding pragmatic ways to help people. She has strong moral convictions and is uncompromising in her beliefs. We are all thankful that this responsible levelheaded and loyal woman is on Team Flash, because let's be real, Barry wouldn't be alive after one episode if not for her. Seriously. I have lost track of how many times she has saved his life. 

Cisco Ramon is the mechanic and brains behind pretty much every piece of equipment in Star Labs and every weapon utilized to take down the unpredictable meta-humans in Central City, including The Flash's speedster suit. We are not sure where Ramon gets the funding for all of his inventions or how on earth he is able to manufacture them so rapidly, but we sure are glad that Cisco always has a trick up his sleeve in any given crisis. You can't help but suspect that Cisco really has fun fighting villains and meta-humans, even if he is scared out of his wits or the world is coming to a near-apocalyptic-end. There is nothing Cisco enjoys more than a challenge and nothing he fears more than boredom. He is always lightening the mood of any given situation with his witty puns and jokes, cheesy villain names, and detailed descriptions of his latest invention or idea for an invention. Cisco is always full of ideas and always sharing his ideas, even if they never amount to anything. 

Iris West has been Barry Allen's best friend and virtual sister ever since his mother died, his father was sent to prison, and Iris' father, Detective Joe West, took Barry Allen in and raised him as his own son. Iris is a fantastic journalist because she knows how to analyze any given situation or technical problem objectively, but also possesses the intuition to add the human element into her writing. She is a relentless idealist and romantic, always believing the best of people. She strives to bring out the best in everyone around her. Iris is emotionally invested in all of her relationships with her family and friends and is always willing to give a listening ear and a word of advice to anyone who needs it. Sometimes her advice can be intrusive and given when it is not wanted, but she always has the best of intentions and is motivated from a genuine desire to help people. 

Detective Joe West of the Central City Police Department has been a second father to Barry Allen ever since his father was wrongfully convicted of murder and imprisoned. While Joe might have a difficult time understanding Barry, there is no doubt he loves and cares for him very much. Joe is a down-to-earth man with traditional values and a pragmatic worldview, so he sometimes finds it challenging relating to Barry who lives in a world full of fantastic possibilities. Joe's first priority is caring for and protecting his family and the city he serves. He is always searching for practical, efficient solutions to any given problem. Unfortunately he can sometimes be close-minded, fail to take in all of the facts and act too quickly on his presupposed ideals. 

If Eddie Thawne ever entered as a contestant on the Bachelorette, he would win, hands down. When he is hired at the Central City Police Department as Joe West's partner, he inevitably falls for Joe's daughter, Iris, and this means the unfortunate friend-zone status for Barry Allen. Eddie is the kind of person who is so perfect it is almost irritating, but you can never dislike him because he is just too perfect. Detective Eddie Thawne is not only responsible, loyal, and practical, but he has a romantic, charismatic, and sensitive side to him as well. He probably has the biggest heart of all the characters on this show and as much as the Reverse Flash would like to convince us that he isn't significant, we all know that just is not the case. 

Prior to the Particle Accelerator explosion, Ronnie was engaged to Caitlin Snow and worked at Star Labs as a mechanical engineer. He was thought to have died in the explosion while trying to contain it. However, he later returns under the most remarkable circumstances, as a fire-wielding meta-human with an interesting co-dependent existence with scientist Dr. Martin Stein. Ronnie is one of the rare meta-humans who tries to protect Central City instead of destroy it. He is highly sensitive and introverted with an aptitude for solving technical problems. Ronnie is driven by a desire to protect his city and the people he loves and there really is no sacrifice he would not be willing to make in order to do this.

Pretty much everyone was affected by the Particle Accelerator explosion and for Dr. Martin Stein it meant a strange co-dependent partnership with Ronnie Raymond, a meta-human. Stein is perhaps the only mind in Central City that rivals the intelligence of Dr. Harrison Wells. His meta-human status and powers take him a while to get used to, but fortunately Stein is an open-minded genius and quickly becomes an essential member of Team Flash. 

Is he a good guy or a bad guy? No one really knows and I am pretty sure Snart prefers to keep everyone guessing. Snart is a seasoned criminal who inherits the name "Captain Cold" when he steals Ramon's freeze gun from Star Labs in order to stop the Flash. Loyalty is a crutch, in Snart's book. In spite of how intimidating he can be, we all love him anyway, because we know that once you get passed the thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie with daddy-issues, he really is a nice guy. The only thing Snart values more than his freedom and independence is perhaps his brother and sister.

When Patty Spivot joins the Central City Police force, she and Barry hit it off right away. Both of them are pretty sharp and kind of awkward in the most adorable way possible. It takes some time and a little coaching from Iris before they really connect. No one reads people better than Patty. She has an uncanny knack for knowing when someone is lying or holding out on her. That's probably what makes her such a good detective. Unfortunately for her and Barry, this means the untimely end of their relationship. It's just as well since no doubt she goes on to be a brilliant crime scene investigator.

Jesse is the daughter of the good Dr. Harrison Wells and if you don't know what I mean by that, well, you will have to watch the second season to find out. Jesse is perhaps the reason not-evil Wells is not evil. She definitely inherited her father's natural genius, but she does not let her curiosity and thirst for knowledge compromise her moral convictions. She prefers to avoid conflict and is slow to assert herself, but this girl has a mind of her own and a strong streak of independence along with the scientific genius she inherited from her father.

Wally West is the son Joe West never knew he had, literally. Thanks to poor communication or more like a complete lack of communication, Joe West does not know about his son's existence until Wally is all grown up. He might have a bit of an attitude at first, but Wally ultimately wants to know his father and have him in his life. Characteristic to his personality, Wally is a bit of a thrill-seeker. It takes him a while to settle down and he finds it difficult to make long-term commitments, especially when those commitments look like a lot of long hours studying and completing homework assignments. But after a few wake-up calls, Wally proves himself to be remarkably reliable, intelligent, and creative. 

My assessment in no way implies that I think all ENTJs are psychopathic villains, though knowing my ENTJ friends, they probably would think it was really cool that I typed them as a psychopathic villain. ;)  Jay's character was too complex, especially in comparison with most of the villains in this show, to simply pass up. Jay is evidently mentally disturbed and with good reason. Unfortunately he has all of the intelligence, drive, energy, and ambition to make him a really intimidating threat. We can take comfort in the fact that somewhere out there in an alternate universe are plenty of alternate earths with good Jay Garrick doppelgangers. Also, did anyone else keep mistaking this guy for Captain America's evil twin?! 

Serving twenty-some years in prison after being wrongfully accused of murder might break any other man, but not Henry Allen. He is perhaps one of the most forgiving and optimistic characters in this entire show. He lives in the moment and never gets caught up in the past for too long. In spite of everything he has been through, Henry always finds the strength to move forward. His strength inspires and supports Barry during his imprisonment. Henry values his independence, but is always there when his loved ones need him.

There is not much we know about Nora except for the limited memory Barry has of her. But we do know that Barry is no doubt very similar to his mother, especially in personality. Henry often says how much Barry reminds him of Nora and from the little we see of her, Barry obviously inherited his kindness and empathy for others from her. Nora's love and care for Barry made a lasting impression on him and while her death causes him a lot of grief, we know it is because of how much they loved one another.

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  1. I'm Harrison Wells, I guess :) I always kinda liked his character, and I suppose we do share some personality traits.

  2. Oh cool! I'm Patty. ^ ^

    1. Aw, that's great! Patty is one of my favorites!! :)

      Dani xoxo

    2. Hi I'm Barry! I meant my personality is the same as Barry's!

    3. Aw man, I was thinking for a second that Barry Allen had just stumbled across my blog. ;-)

      Congrats though! I am an ENFP as well so that makes us both Barry. :o)

      Dani xoxo


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