Friday, July 21, 2017


There are a few things that are definitely not cool about this summer, like the heat (haha:P), the bugs, packing and moving, and College Algebra. Since the end of the spring semester life has started moving full speed ahead. June began with packing and moving my stuff into my college house. Then my sister got married. The week after my sister’s wedding I began my Algebra summer class. And that is where you find me here, scrambling every evening to finish all my homework and try and study before these six weeks are up. The good news is I am already halfway done! I guess that is the bright side of having to do school in the summer. You get it done really fast! 
The downside of summer college classes is I don’t really feel like I get much of a summer break. But maybe that’s for the best. It’ll keep me on my toes for when the semester begins fulltime this fall. In spite of home work and moving and being perpetually tired (haha) this summer has included some beautiful interludes of fun fellowship with friends and family, road trips, adventures, and rest. Without further ado, here are my favorite things from this summer (so far)...

>>watching my sister get married (such a lovely ceremony and day!!)
>>being a bridesmaid for the 4th time;)

>>standing up as my sister's maid of honor
>>catching the bouquet for the second time:o)
>>evening walks
>>fireflies in the trees at night
>>Spider-man Homecoming (favorite movie this year so far!)
>>meeting my brand new niece!

>>catching up with all my siblings (we are spread across the country this summer!)
>>watching my youngest siblings grow up
>>letters from faraway friends
>>ice cream
>>Ultimate Frisbee
>>church potlucks with friends and family

>>hiking in Weston, MO
>>O'Malley's Irish pub in Weston, MO
>>coffee dates
>>glorious summer sunsets

>>not being outside (in the heat)

>>finally getting updated photos for my blog

But…the best thing by far this summer is this little sweet face (see below). She is a (Malamute?) husky. Her name is Dierdre (DEER-dra). She was filthy and flea-infested when she arrived, a pup straight from a litter off of a farm, but I still could not resist picking her up and squeezing her the moment I saw her. After a bath and some flea-treatment, she was just the fluffiest softest cutest thing ever. I wish I could take her with me to school, but that’s not really an option so…I will just have to make frequent visits home because my heart is definitely with her!

What have you been up to this summer? What are your favorite things about this summer or summer time in general?? Please share in the comments below!:)


  1. Oh, my goodness. I'm an overall animal person (as in softie towards them, but I don't obsess over them or necessarily want to have an animal sanctuary . . . or be a wildlife zoologist as one sister is planning; she also has no fear, I think she will be eaten), but I'm usually cats over dogs, but malamutes would be my dog. We had a malamute and husky running loose in our neighborhood and they came right up to the door, and the malamute just hopped right up on the half door, and I just melted and baby talked him. Mom was like, "who are you" to me. The vet we returned them to said they are just big teddy bears. Sorry, long story.

    We've been making homemade ice creams this summer. My sister made this decadent oreo mint that was amazing, and I'm hoping to try an extra dark chocolate for my birthday.

    I'm hoping for some day trips including some hiking. Just now I've been planning hoping for a trip to see the total solar eclipse. I'll see how that works out.

    1. Livia, I have never really been an animal person up to this point. My family never had pets growing up because too many of us were allergic. But as soon as I saw this little squirt I knew I was going to be an animal person for life! Malamutes are a super friendly (and talkative haha) breed of dog. She is also incredibly hyper and playful, but there is not a malicious bone in her body.

      Unless she's eating and you try to touch her food..then you will see the fierce wolf in her come out. :P

      Oh my, can you send some homemade ice cream to Oklahoma please?? ;) Oreo mint ice cream sounds like the most incredible thing ever. Is your birthday in July? If so, we are both July babies.

      Thanks for stopping by, Livia! And thanks for the reminder about the solar eclipse. I knew that was coming, but I guess it's about to happen pretty soon now! A great opportunity for a road trip. I hope the rest of your summer is fantastic!! :D

      Dani xoxo

  2. Wow, you are busy! I guess it's true though, you aren't adulating right if you aren't tired. ;)
    What a beautiful privilege to be your sister's maid of honor and see her joyful union this summer! And your puppy is just darling. I have a soft spot for just about every dog on the planet. ;P


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