Monday, April 30, 2018

An Eggshell Wedding Dress || My Vintage Wedding Dress

At first I considered including these details into my last post about our special destination wedding and how we were blessed with the perfect wedding day. However, I did not want to break up the flow of the narrative and I thought the story behind my wedding dress deserved a post all to itself. 

Like I mentioned before, I wore my mother’s wedding dress to my wedding. Those of you who have seen my parents’ wedding pictures (or were blessed enough to witness their wedding) know that my dress looks a little different than my mother’s. I had the dress fitted and modified a little for my own wedding. 

The moment I tried on my mother’s wedding dress, I knew I wanted to wear it on my wedding day! Ever since my sister Ruth’s wedding last summer, my mother kept dropping hints to me that if any of her daughters wore her wedding dress, it would be me. Fortunately my body build and size is very close to my mother’s at my age, so fitting into her dress was really easy. 

Taking my mother’s dress out of the ‘80s was a slightly more trying task.

I took my dress to a local formal gown and wedding dress store to have it fitted and altered. Fortunately, the seamstress who worked here had a lot of experience in preserving and altering vintage wedding gowns. I tried to keep the alterations minimal. I wanted the dress to still look like my mother’s dress. I have seen too many alterations that were difficult to believe were alterations (like, did you use the fabric from your mother’s dress to make a whole new dress?)

Here is a list of the changes I had made. 

-         removed the sheer chiffon and the high-collar from the neckline and the back, creating an elegant low-back.
-         removed the large thick sash from the back of the dress.
-         added lace from the collar to the neckline to contribute a little more modesty.
-         removed the puff sleeves (Anne Shirley would be so disappointed) and added elegant cap sleeves.

And…that is about the gist of it! The dress turned out to be the perfect dress for me, a princess a-line cut with a vintage classic look to it. It made me feel like royalty, but at the same time it was not overkill. 

In total, my dress cost $125 for the alterations and $75 to have it professionally pressed. Not only was it cheap, but it was extra special and sentimental to wear my mother’s dress! 

Let me know what you think of the dress and the changes I made! Do you think my Steve Madden boots matched the dress or not? ;)


  1. First of all, I adored your boots with the dress, and second I love that you wore your mother's dress. That is just amazing.
    I would love to one day wear my mom's but I am several inches taller and our body shapes are completely different because I took after her father's height haha.
    Anyway, thank you for posting! XXX

    1. Thank you, Kara! :) I really lucked out with my mother's dress because I have four sisters to contend with. But I was one of the closest to my mother's size, height, etc. when she wore it.

      Thanks again!!

      Dani xoxo


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