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"You're idealists. That's the problem. In the fallen world ideals are easily shattered and then you have a disillusioned idealist, which is almost worse than a cynic. No, I think you need to be a romantic in order to survive, because it doesn't make sense to be one. It never does. That's the whole point." 
--Regina Doman, Fairy Tales Retold 

“...the sentimental person thinks things will last—the romantic person has a desperate confidence that they won’t.” 
–F. Scott Fitzgerald  

I am twenty-two years old and currently work full-time as a secretary while writing on this blog, studying communications, and playing accordion in my spare time. A few other things I love and enjoy include: spending time with family and friends, Community Theatre, playing the piano, piano accordion, and penny whistle, worship and rest on Sundays, reading, compulsively drinking tea (loose-leaf please), travelling, daydreaming about travelling, finding inspiration in the everyday, dancing (Irish Ceili, contra dance, and any other kind of dancing I can manage), listening to music, memorizing Scripture, teaching Sunday school to little ones, running (sometimes), exploring, and spontaneous road-trips and adventures with friends.

A Vapor in the Wind started back in 2007 as a private journal blog available only to select friends and family. A little over three years ago my brother Ben died unexpectedly in an accident when he was seventeen years old. Since then my blog has been a public documentary of coping with grief and everything I have learned from my experiences, the Word of God, and His gracious providence since then. 

I would love to stay in touch with you, so feel free to comment on my posts or email me at jehovahreigns@gmail.comYou can also find me on: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let's be friends!

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