My Bucket List

See the ocean

Take horse-back riding lessons

Perform in a musical

Be in a traditional Irish band

Visit Scotland and Ireland

Learn Sean-nós Irish dance

Meet one of my favorite artists (I have met several including Andrew Peterson, Tenth Avenue North, Oh Hellos, and Solas)

Perform on stage with one of my favorite artists

Record an album

Start a vlog series on YouTube

Write a novel on my typewriter

Take swing dance lessons

See one of my favorite musicals on Broadway

Visit all 50 states (so far I've visited 18/50)

Travel across the United States by train

Start a photography blog

Get braces (haha, I know, everyone’s dream)

Purchase a set of either Burke’s or Goldie’s Irish whistles

Be a maid of honor

Memorize a book of the Bible (currently working through Hebrews)

Dye my hair         
Go on an overseas mission trip

Finish my undergraduate degree (about halfway there!!)



  1. I love Bucket Lists and yours looks amazing! Hope you're able to complete it!

  2. Come to Oregon and I'll take you to see the ocean! And I have a great hair stylist who would dye your hair. And I can take you to Peru with me haha

    1. That sounds AWESOME. This is definitely going to happen sooner or later. :D


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