Friday, September 9, 2016

Favorite Things || Summer 2K16 Extra Edition

This is your fair warning that I might not be writing as faithfully on this blog in the next few months. I will probably be more sporadic, in and out, but I promise to verify that I am alive every now and then, even if I am mostly absent. What is my excuse, you might ask? Well, I have a lot of them, but most involve schoolwork and the fact that my sister and roommate just got engaged. Wedding-planning has a way of absorbing all your extra time and energy, as I know from experience. Not to mention over the next few months I’ll be busy making plans for the future and figuring out where I am going to live next year.

One thing God has been reinforcing in my life this year is to embrace every new season and transition with open arms, to not shun from change simply because I know it will be hard and uncomfortable, especially when that change is initiated by a happy event like a wedding.

>>Live music from Flashpoint
>>spontaneous road trips
(thanks to my brother Greg!)
>>hiking in the Ozarks
>>revitalizing power of God’s beautiful creation
>>coffee & tea (let’s be real—not much has changed)
>>The Underachiever’s Manifesto by Ray Bennett

>>college classes!
>>catching up with best friends (always)
>>anticipating autumn
>>unpacking and shopping for fall clothes
>>albums “Stranger Trails” by Lord Huron and Jon Foreman’s “Wonderlands”
>>learning about journalism
>>Midwest sunrises
>>Everyday Minerals lip balm (thank you, Anna!)
>>Everyday Minerals Sweet Coral blush
>>this wonderful article by my friend, Missy
>>”You Know Me” by Air Traffic Control and "Go" by Cody Fry
>>playing my accordion (his name is Danny Boy, by the way)

>>playing my favorite Disney numbers on the piano
>>finding the perfect wedding dress (for my sister)

What are some of your favorite things this summer? Am I the only one who is ready for fall?!?!

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